Ontario Self Defence Centre is the #1 facility for Whitby martial arts training. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for.  We specialize in Martial Arts Education, Self-Protection Training, Fitness and Weight Loss Goals, Boosting your Confidence or your Executive, Community or Corporate Training needs. The Ontario Self Defence Centre located in Whitby, is a high-quality professional training centre that teaches practical and effective Self-Protection and Martial Arts that will literally change the lives of the people that walk through our doors.


Here at the Centre we deliver all the benefits of Self-Protection / Martial Arts training and will educate you on: Conflict, Sudden Assaults, Violence, Intimidation, Bullying, Character Development, Self-Esteem, Fitness, Nutrition and of course, you will have a lot of fun, build real confidence and make many friends along the way.Our passion is to show the truth regarding conflict and the realities that go with it. From there we can create a stronger and more truly confident person.


We are not creating illusions but real people with better health, stronger intent, and the self-discipline to achieve goals in and out of the Centre for Whitby martial arts training.All the buzz words you can think of in the martial arts industry do not do justice to what is achievable in the right environment with the right mentors. Hence with us you will get more than what you expect plus a martial arts education that will develop you in ways you must experience firsthand and a training centre that is legitimate in its approach to self-protection for for Whitby martial arts training.

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At our Martial Arts HQ, we deliver a holistic safety and survival education for kids ages 7+ and Adults. Based on Wu Xin Kung Fu, our members become more confident in their physicality, coordination, and mental discipline. What makes us different is our training is designed towards practical applications and realistic solutions for real life problems.


RCI Self Protection at the Ontario Self Defence centre in Whitby provides our community with a simple and functional approach to self-protection. It is adults only training and has no ranks or tradition. It is real fitness, simple and effective. RCI has been adopted by a variety of law enforcement, security and special operations professionals around the world.

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Corporate Training Strategies, OSDC’s Corporate and Workplace Training Division offer tailored self-protection training options to corporations and their staff.  Corporations who consider themselves at ‘RISK’ or simply need the confidence to know what to do should an incident ever arise. We also offer various self-protection seminars and workshops directly to schools & the community.




Whitby Martial arts hq – adults
Whitby Martial Arts HQ – Adults
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Whitby Martial Arts HQ – Kids
Whitby Martial Arts HQ – Kids
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RCI Self-Protection Toronto HQ
RCI Self-Protection Toronto HQ
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Most of All we have No Yearly Membership Fees, Belt Fees, Insurance Fees, Special Class Fees, Black Belt Program Fees or other hidden fees! Therefore, you only pay a monthly membership for all-inclusive access to every class (Wu Xin & RCI for 18+), everything you achieve you earn through hard work and practice. Your responsibility is for clothing and safety equipment as you progress and become more proficient. We adhere to some tradition but we are a very modern martial arts and self-protection training centre, and we pride ourselves on our unique training and teaching methods.

An Uplifting, Clean & Safe Environment
The Ontario Self Defence Centre offers an environment that our members describe as fun, motivating, supportive, modern and real. In addition, safe training practices are paramount as eighty percent of what we do is working with others. Exercises often require partners, and students take advantage of this to encourage and motivate. From the moment, you walk into our Centre, you will see we take great pride in the equipment, presentation and cleanliness of our environment.

Our Centre is perfect for men, women and children (7+) and all shapes and sizes. The OSDC itself has become a community of learning and growth. Entire families train with us here. Lots of our members live within walking distance of each other, and many are friends outside of our classes. As a result we have a close, family-like sense of community here. Students who have been training for a while help the beginners. No one is competing with anyone else here or trying to “show off” or “out do” the next person. Everyone wants to learn and grow and help each other out and our only objective is improvement and safety. Much as we believe in the development of a strong mind and body, our classes are challenging yet fully achievable for those who want results.

Get Started Now
Take your time browsing around our website. You will find information on our programs and get further insight into what we do. What is more important is that you give it a try. Call us and book an introductory class, with no obligations, come and meet us. The Ontario Self Defence Centre is friendly and welcoming and has you covered with Martial Arts, RCI Self-Protection, Fitness, Corporate, Community, Executive Training and Seminars. At this point, right now, this website is just promising words on a screen, come and see if it’s what we say is and the right fit for you. We would love to see you, your family and your business try it out and start achieving your goals today. We are your #1 choice for Whitby martial arts training.

Our Process

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Strategize Goals

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Persevere and Work Hard

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Improve your Performance

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Achieve your Destiny

Whitby Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes & Courses servicing the Durham Region Area:  Pickering / Ajax / Whitby / Brooklin / Oshawa / Courtice / Bowmanville / Port PerryWhitby Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes for Children, Youth, Teens, Adults Men & Women


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