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We are extremely proud of our teenagers at the Martial arts HQ. Our Youth Martial Arts program supports developing fine examples of young men and women with a very bright future. They train with the adults to develop confidence, discipline and practical application as well as follow their own unique syllabus with special emphasis on wholesome values and success traits. Their classes work on their unique needs as well as working with them gradually into the more physically challenging demands of the Adults Martial Arts program.

Building exceptional qualities

Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance could not be more important for teenagers currently along with a very real need for personal safety, communication skills, effective decision making, responsibility and self-restraint.  Martial arts education for young adults will help them become the best they can be. The Youth Martial Arts program focuses on fitness, health, self-defence and leadership qualities, and there will be a large rollover from martial arts training to real life skills.  For e.g. discipline, achievement, goal setting, adversity, integrity and the embodiment of our 5 virtues – Patience-Perseverance- Kindness-Understanding- Humility.

youth martial arts- peter with a student

Professional Curriculum

youth martial arts Professional martial arts training must be structured. The age group for developing bodies and minds must be taken into consideration. Our Youth Martial Arts program is designed to help develop confident, self-reliant and goal oriented young men and women. Character development and discipline is paramount in our martial arts training, but so is the effectiveness in self-defence. Our self-defence training is not just a label, it is the real thing. Sports martial arts are sports, Wu Xin martial arts is about being able to protect yourself in the real world.

We always have and always will continue to be committed to helping all our students reach their full potential. We truly believe that our Youth Martial Arts program will give your teen the tools for success in life. Our Martial arts HQ leaves teenagers feeling good about themselves and kick starts their future as exceptional Men, Women and Martial Artists.

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