RCI Self-Protection Toronto HQ – Adults
RCI Self-Protection Toronto HQ – Adults
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RCI Self Protection at the Ontario Self Defence centre in Whitby provides our community with a simple and functional approach to self-protection. It is adults only training and has no ranks or tradition. It is real fitness, simple and effective. RCI has been adopted by a variety of law enforcement, security and special operations professionals around the world. We are part of Raw Combat International and a growing worldwide organization. RAW Combat Toronto located in Whitby, Ontario, teaches simple and effective methods of self-protection, close quarter combative and armed threat management to the public, our members, executives, and corporations.

RCI Self Protection vs Martial Arts

RCI Self Protection training is not martial arts. Although we have martial arts training at our Whitby facility, RCI focuses on delivering a simple and realistic approach to self-protection. All martial arts facilities promote self-defense and it is the common misconception that your local martial arts school is going to teach you how to protect yourself. Nothing is further from reality.

What RCI does different is supply you with 1 or 2 solutions versus 22 making it functional faster and more self offence than self defence. No belts, no ranks, no scripts, RCI is proactive protection, simple and to the point. We are not putting ourselves in the victim’s shoes waiting to be attacked. We promote a much greater sense of risk management and your awareness cycle.

In a nutshell, Raw Combat International divides ‘Martial’ and ‘Modern’ training.

Our training consists of Self Protection, C.Q.C. & Urban Survival and can be customized to suit end-user needs. For professionals, we understand that most action is governed by S.O.P.s making sure that the program is relevant to their occupational situation.

In terms of Martial Arts, R.C.I. focuses on ‘Raw Silat’ which also looks to provide concept based training to participants to ensure immediate functional skills.

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Our attitude is that martial arts is about self-perfection more than protection and has its own myriad of benefits. What makes RCI unique and original is it’s all about real protection and being applicable to the end user.

Risk Management, Threat Management, and Crisis Management are our key focus in RCI. Talk of real-world unscripted violence and high-risk threats do not find their way often into the minds of students in their spiritual martial arts dojos or sports gyms.

We focus on helping people build real confidence, simple and effective skills and the intent to stay safe in the real world. Along with RCI training comes much greater levels of fitness, practical skills, coordination, and self-belief. If you are ready to become part of a highly supportive worldwide network, learn practical self-protection skills and want to get in great shape RCI self-protection at the OSDC is the right choice for you.

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RAW Combat


Self-Protection is the basic foundation for RAW Combat. It comprises of all the basic offensive and defensive skills found within the system.

Self-Protection aims not only to give you a solid foundation for fighting ability but to also expand your levels of awareness beyond their normal range and detect risks before they become threats.


CQC Is the next step up from the basic self-protection concepts. Close Quarter Combatives involve the use of open-handed strikes, hammerfists, elbows and forearms and a variety of head control methods.

This covers striking, grappling and groundfighting skills. CQC is the preferred combative method for many security, LEO and Military professionals worldwide.


As the name suggests, Armed Threat Management is designed to teach practical and effective methods of defence and offence against impact and edged weapons. Training involves the use of body mechanics, effective striking and realistic pressure testing.


Adults Only

  • Monday: RCI FUNDAMENTALS8:00PM -9:00PM
  • Tuesday: RCI FUNDAMENTALS7:00PM -8:00PM
  • Tuesday: RCI SILAT8:00PM -9:00PM
  • Wednesday: RCI KNIFE8:30PM -9:30PM
  • Thursday: RCI SELF PROTECTION7:00PM -8:00PM
  • Thursday: RCI SILAT8:00PM -9:30PM

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