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Peter Boland is the Founder, Lead Instructor and President of the Ontario Self Defence Centre.

And has had an ongoing involvement in martial arts, and combative training for 20 years. He has been an instructor to public and professional organizations for 12 years. His mission is simple, help our community be safer and help people grow. As a result of leading by example, he believes he can motivate others to embark on their own journey to elevated health and self-protection knowledge. He strives to show people how to act on their desired goals, and therefore be more confident and protect themselves.  Hence, helping people live a more prepared, healthy and active lifestyle is his goal.

Training Style

As Lead Instructor at the Ontario Self Defence Centre the martial arts education is delivered through the Five Element theory, “Wu Xin” Kung Fu. This way of training enables an individual to grow and flourish. But most of all, allowing them to flow and evolve based on their own unique strengths and the understanding of their own body, mind and movement for their self-improvement and safety.

RCI (Raw Combat International) delivers Combative and Self Protection training and education. Peter has been involved with RCI for a couple of years while taking the lead as head instructor for Raw Combat Toronto in GTA region.

“The proof is in the pudding.”

Although Peter has formal advanced ranking as an instructor in the martial arts, he always states he is just a person, and additionally refers to himself as a guide or at most a leader and instructor.  The way you Lead, how you communicate and what you can “do” is more important than what you are called or your fancy rank certificate and colour you have been designated.


Peters motto is: “There is no script to violence or the unlimited variations of what may happen in life. Therefore, find a system and mentor that allows you to truly learn, evolve, overcome, adapt and improvise. Certificates are just paper, belts are material. It is essential in how you treat others and protecting yourself and your loved ones when you need to.

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