Community seminarsThe Ontario Self Defence Centre is headed by Peter Anthony Boland, who has been teaching self-protection seminars and workshops for 12 years. The Ontario Self Defence Centre offers various self-protection seminars and workshops directly to schools & corporations in addition to the community. We serve all of the Durham Region and GTA, and our programs can be held at our training centre in Whitby or at your location.

First of all, self protection training is one of the most invigorating exercises and important skills any individual or group can undertake. In addition, this critical education is for everyone in all age groups and from every walk of life. There is no script to life, violence or aggression. Therefore, there is no better satisfaction for us than helping people become more confident and empowered with the abilities to stay safe and act when it counts. Finally, being healthy and being safe is our shared human responsibility.

We’re serving the community with quality, realistic and professional self-protection programs, for all people from all walks of life.  We tailor our programs to any audience, also, our programs are second to none. They have been taught to the public, schools, corporations and community centres for almost 5 years in Canada and over 25 years in Australia. The Sydney Self Defence Centre is located in Australia and has various ‘Stay Safe’ Workshops and Seminars.  As a result, it is our commitment to work with you to make our community safer one step at a time.

Peter Anthony BolandFounder and President, Ontario Self Defence Centre

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Our Practical Self-Protection 101 Workshop is offered to the public for kids and teens as well as adults. It can be tailored to the audience and also can be outcome based. Furthermore, educate yourself on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of being safe in the world today.



  • Firstly, The Truth About Self Protection
  • Principles of Staying Safe
  • Dealing with The Freeze
  • The Subject of Fear
  • Predator / Prey Relationships
  • The Aggression Scale
  • Weapons Against You
  • Act! Surviving Is Not Enough
  • Sexual Assault
  • Lastly, Internet Dangers


  • Firstly, Basic Striking Tools
  • Striking Targets and Objectives
  • How to Deal with Strikes Against You
  • Dealing with a Grabbing Attack
  • Seated / On Your Back
  • Power Development
  • Lastly, Unseen Natural Weapons


While many of the people we train are no stranger to the dangers and challenges we face in our community, consequently we focus on giving them real solutions to real problems. We give them a greater understanding of behavioural patterns in conflict situations and also better communication skills. As a result, this will create increased self awareness and self management. And also, social awareness and more confident people skills.

The goal of developing confidence, self esteem and commitment in people’s lives will set a new focus for them and bring out their full potential. In addition, helping people overcome their individual fears will give them a sense of freedom. This therefore, makes our program an unforgettable and life changing experience.

safety seminars


  • The truth about the law
  • Awareness & incident avoidance
  • How predators select their victims
  • Handling the fear factor
  • Peer pressure and anti-bullying
  • Internet and other virtual dangers
  • Self-esteem and self-respect
  • Attack & Reactions [Inc. anti-rape] tactics
  • Public transport
  • Passive resistance
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Relationship dangers
  • Physical self-protection skills
  • Unseen weapons
  • Weapons against you



“Ontario Self Defence Centre’s self-defence program was very informative, firstly with relevance to both our health curriculum, and in addition to a variety of issues faced by teens. Peter demonstrated a clear passion for personal safety and this was communicated through his professionalism, delivering engaging and important educational sessions for our young students.”– Tanya Stewart
Earl Haig Secondary School, North York, Ontario
“Ontario Self Defence is a great choice for self defence in high schools hence why I had this organization run a five day self defence course for my grade 11 girls class. Peter was extremely well organized and tailored the program to our needs and wants. They did very practical self defence training methods along with discussions about when and where these methods may be necessary to use. The program taught the class to understand the importance of awareness. We really appreciated the professionalism conducted by the instructors of Ontario Self Defence. I would recommend this group to high schools and as a result will definitely have them back in the future to teach courses at my school!”– Ms Manerowski
O’Neil CVI, Oshawa, Ontario
“Having the Ontario Self Defence Centre come in to give a workshop for the UOIT Engineering Students’ Society was a great experience for all that attended. Peter Boland was a great instructor and brought so much enthusiasm. The workshop was well-structured and challenging, but also engaging and really fun, in addition, it was packed with information, while also providing valuable physical skills during the practice sessions. Not only did Peter teach practical skills and techniques, but also personally motivated me to be more confident and approach everything in life with a new attitude, not just self-defence. I came into the workshop excited to learn self-defence principles but came out of it excited to take on any challenge in my life with a new attitude. I look forward to continuing with my self-defence training, and will encourage my fellow classmates to learn self-defence from the Ontario Self Defence Centre.”– Cristina Mazza
Vice President, Student Life UOIT Engineering Students’ Society, Oshawa, Ontario.



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