What Are Calisthenics Workouts And Their Benefits?

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Here is a great blog post by Steve F., Man vs Weight called “What Are Calisthenics Workouts And Their enefits?” Most people do not know what calisthenics are, or how training using your own body weight can easily increase strength and stamina.  As we use many exercises based on calisthenics in our classes, I thought you would […]

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Yue Fei


I am proud to put up this great article written by one of my students Eric Benns, about General Yue Fei – the creator of Yi Quan Kung Fu.   YUE FEI We hear many myths about amazing martial artists and feats completed by them, but not a lot about real life heroes, role models… conquerors. Human beings […]

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Consistency is key for success in Martial Arts


I am often asked what the toughest part of martial arts training is. Honestly the actual training is not the hardest part at all. The hardest part of training is showing up to class day after day. In other words: consistency. Martial Arts training brings small benefits with each class. However, being able to do […]

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Perseverance: Perseverance in Martial Arts & life.


  Introduction You can have all the talent in the world but that’s not enough. You can be incredibly strong, but that’s not enough. Perseverance is the key. Perseverance is the commitment to keep going when things get hard or you lose your focus. It means not giving up until you get the result you […]

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Attitude: In Martial Arts – In Your Life


Attitude: In Martial Arts – In Your Life   Introduction This blog is predominately about attitude and how it affects your life. Martial Arts heavily relates to this subject, especially because of its connection to helping people realise their true potential. The most effective by-product of learning martial arts from a good mentor is a […]

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Accomplishment vs Achievement


Accomplishment vs Achievement In light of the recent gradings this week, and looking at how each of you has progressed in your martial arts training, I thought I would look at the subjects of Accomplishment and Achievement for today’s blog. I first came across a great article I found regarding the differences on Achievement and […]

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Relaxation: Martial Arts professionals in progress

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Relaxation: Martial Arts professionals in progress     Introduction Speed and power. I hear a lot about speed and power in the martial arts. But the skilled martial artists who’ve been around a while don’t mention them so often. They more often speak about relaxation. How many times have you heard your instructor say, Relax! […]

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Mental Imagery in the Martial Arts

Synergies of the Mind

Mental imagery – learn more about this mental technique and how it can improve your performance in martial arts and self-defence.     Mental imagery is part of our mental training tools. For some time now during class I have been trying to explain the importance of visualising an attacker or opponent in front of […]

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Yi Quan Kung Fu: Nutrition


 Yi Quan Kung Fu: Nutrition For Martial Arts & Health There are literally thousands of books that have been written on nutrition. My Intention here is to cover the basics in relation to training Yi Quan Kung Fu and martial arts. With all the scattered information on nutrition I thought I would cover the basics […]

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