Yellow Sash Grading

    Our students have been busy preparing all week, and practising their white sash self defence techniques for their yellow sash grading Sunday.  They have been very diligent in their studies and progress.   We have just finished the grading, and everyone did a fantastic job!  Shibo Peter will make the ultimate decision on who passes, […]

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Lincoln MKX wrap

We have been working very hard for a long time now on a concept and design for our car wrap for the Ontario Self Defence Centre!   We have found a great company Whitby Sign Design, and amazing owner/designer Chris McGregor.   The final concept is now done and our car is now wrapped!   […]

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History of our school

History of Our School Legend states that the founder of Yi Quan was General Yue Fei of the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127 AD).  He developed the external art of Eagle Claw for his common soldiers, Yue’s San Shou (San Shou is a martial art which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the […]

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Leadership Training

The Ontario Self Defence Centre is preparing to open its doors on September 30th.   There are a lot of exciting preparations happening at the moment from decorating our kwoon,  to buying equipment and uniforms.  However, probably the most exciting thing underway is our leadership training program, which  is currently in its 3rd week.   […]

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Welcome to the first blog of our Ontario Self Defence  Centre website!   The Ontario Self Defence Centre is preparing to open its doors on September 30th.   The centre was founded in Sydney, Australia nearly 30 years ago and now has over 300 students. We are proud to bring our successful training system and […]

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