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Self Improvement and Self Protection

Wu Xin Kung Fu is all about Self Improvement and Self Protection. It will bring very positive influence into to your life.

As a result, you will gain confidence, attain valuable knowledge, improve your fitness, change your body, set goals and achieve them. But most importantly, you will learn how to identify danger and manage threats. You will know how to manage your fear and use it effectively to escape from situations before they turn violent. If need be, you will be able to use your fast judgment and training to deal with the problem.

Apart from the Martial Arts skills, how would you like to make new friends, improve your health both physically and mentally, develop life and leadership skills in a fun environment all while learning to protect yourself and your family?

Our Training Sessions Give You Confidence!

Firstly, the confidence development of real martial arts training is what students appreciate the most. This is the cornerstone of Self Improvement. Furthermore, nothing can take the place of the security of knowing that you can go anywhere or do anything without the fear of not knowing what to do if… This will cross over into all other areas of your life making you more successful and effective in everything you do.

Our Centre Teaches Real Self-Offense!

Every martial arts school boasts to teach practical self-defence, but very few do! Our martial art style is related to Xing Yi Quan and has origins of around 900 years old and was developed for the battlefield. What we teach works and is especially effective for anybody of any size.

adults Self Improvement

Learning Martial Arts is an excellent alternative to the gym!

Unlike joining a gym, our membership is an excellent way to develop your body, mind, and release stress. In addition, our instructors serve as your very own personal trainers! We’ll motivate you, and help you become the best you can be. Physical training, martial arts training, nutrition advice and life coaching come with the territory.

What we offer here could be an amazing addition to your lifestyle and the martial arts will be an eye opener whether you are a beginner or have previous experience. Come down and try it out for yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Self Improvement via self offense

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